The Cloud

Read about Cam and his journey to demystifying cloud computing. 

Nose Play

Use your nose to create music with Machine Learning facial recognition!

Color Crazies

A colorfully, exploding Augmented Reality iPhone game.

School House

A simulation of how Virtual Reality can aid children in visualizing hard math concepts.

Weather AR

How will we get weather data once Augmented Reality becomes big?

Batman Blink

Help Batman save the day using facial gestures in this Augmented Reality game.

AR Magazine

A sneak peek into how print media can be enhanced by Augmented Reality.

100 Days of UI

Make this yours. Add images, text and links, or connect data from your collection.

Augmented Geotags

Could Augmented Reality help you remember all the places you traveled to through pictures?


The Instagram coaching app that help you reach optimal Instagram exposure.

AR Translator

Peek into on how Augmented Reality can bridge language barriers for public transit.

Colour Locks

The worlds most complex memory game! Can you unlock all the colours?

The Box

What will Augmented Reality look like in the year 2402? How will it impact our daily lives?

Calendar AR

Could Augmented Reality aid in keeping your calendar more organized and readable?

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